Disbursement Policy

Settlement weekly twice – Sunday and Wednesday (excluding the e-commerce & ESCROW related merchants).

Minimum amount – 5000 taka.

No MFS account (Bkash/Rocket/Nagad) is accepted for disbursement/settlement.

After disbursement happens from learntime designated bank will take 24-48 hours to settle down the payment.

Disbursement happens through BEFTN (Based on the availability of transfer mode)

Disbursement may get delayed if the holiday falls in between on the settlement day.

Only business bank accounts are accepted for the transfer of the fund.

Terms & Conditions

Offer Valid: This offer is valid 15 days from the date of submission.

Merchants’ Payment Settlement

learntime is now disbursement the payments of merchants’ through BEFTN in their specified accounts.

Customer Claim:

Customer can claim the amount through his card issuer bank up to 180 (subject to change according to bank policy) days for local/international visa/master card if service/product not delivered. In this case merchant has to be provided service/product delivered confirmation documents.

Fraud Policy:

learntime can detect suspected fraud transaction within 5-7 seconds after made the transaction. Merchant will be notified in real time to ask his/her customer to provide additional documents for verification process. If cardholder is unable to provide sufficient documents, then learntime reverse the payment to cardholder.

Supporting Documents Required (if any)

learntime management may ask for any supporting documents while checkout from the merchant for verification if arise any issues from customer.

Shipment Policy:

learntime does not allow any kind of drop shipment document.

ESCROW Policy:

From July 2021, Bangladesh bank introduced the ESCROW policy. Each merchant of learntime is abide by rules of this policy. Merchant has to provide all the valid invoice of their customer to learntime. learntime will call all the customer/end user of merchant to ensure if they received their delivery. After verifying these steps, learntime will send disbursement to merchant’s business bank account. This is how learntime is maintaining the policy.

Required Documents:

Trade License copy, Approval authority certificate, Incorporation Certificate, TIN VAT certificate, NID/Passport copy. All the documents must be certified by the company seal and the authorized person's signature. (Will be changed accordingly)

Refund policy:

From the day of submission on the learntime panel, refund requests take 3 (Three) to 5 (Five) working days to process (subject to payment account).

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating Financing in Terrorism (CFT) Policy:

Procedures address its Know Your Customer ("KYC") policy and identification procedures before opening new merchant accounts, monitoring existing accounts for unusual or suspicious activities, information flows, reporting suspicious transactions.

The AML & CFT policies of learntime shall be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary and at least annually based on any legal/regulatory or business/ operational changes, such as additions or amendments to existing AML&CFT related rules and regulations or business.

Customer Acceptance Policy

learntime adheres to a separate customer acceptance policy for the purpose of acceptance of customer/ merchant.

The primary objectives of the Customer Acceptance Policy are –

To prevent learntime from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, for ML/TF purposes;

To identify customers who are likely to pose a higher risk.

This service only offered to Bangladeshi and registered companies in Bangladesh. learntime will not accept any application from the party involves in one of the following Products, services and activities:

  • Pornography & Adult Content
  • Firearms, Ammunition, High-Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
  • Unapproved Drugs Gambling Transactions
  • Theft Products
  • Money Laundering
  • Pyramid Scheme Program
  • Terrorism
  • And, other activities that against Bangladesh government laws
  • Documentation requirements and other information to be collected depending on perceived risk.
  • Any website containing abnormal discount policy.

Action Agreement

I am giving sole rights to take any action (including suspension / hold / freezing) against my merchant account with learntime if anything happens that goes against the country's law and ethical practices.

I agree to the disbursement policy of learntime.


Serazul Haque: CEO:

LearnTime Innovation: Royal Tower (5th Floor) West Side of rajshahi City Corporation, G.P.O. Boalia Rajshahi, Bangladesh: