On this page are LearnTime’s terms of service. The condition may change at any time and updated on this page.In this terms of service policy, “we,” “us,” “our” refers to LearnTime. “You,” “there,” and “your” refers to the user/students/parents of the website. All the agreements on LearnTime constitute our legal terms for you to access and use the site, you are bound by them.

Student and Information Policy :

Do not be late
Students should be on time with all the necessary materials needed for the class.
If you may not be able to attend class, send in a message of exception/absentee.
Classes start on the dot with no delays by all teachers. In case students are not present, an extension of 15-20 minutes grace is given.
If students are still not present, it is referred to as unexcused absence.
The extended time does not change the time the lesson may end as scheduled.
If a teacher is absent from a class, students have all the right to contact customer support as soon as possible.
A substitute teacher will cover the class immediately, and the course will run regularly.
Reschedule Class
If a student wishes not to attend a class due to reasons beyond their control, they may do so 2hours before the course starts. No refund or makeup class will be provided.
Accepted reasons for an excused absence may include illness, a national holiday, death in the family, travel, technical issues, etc.
Cancellation is available 30 minutes before the start of the said lecture.
Any technical issues that prevent you from attending a class should be communicated to us via email.
Up to 50% of excused hours may be rescheduled.
And no refunds for any absence.

Learning materials :

Students must be equipped with learning materials for each class.
Materials are available in class as well as for free. Copies should be provided to make learning and assignments easy to handle after class.
Digital materials are only available in class, so students must attend to have access to them.
After a class, the content and materials can be accessible to students.
The extended time does not change the time the lesson may end as scheduled.
Classroom conduct policies
Students are to act and behave as if they are in a real class, so all disciplinary conduct must be strictly adhering to.
Never get distracted and do pay attention in class because you will not be allowed to attend a makeup class after the courses have taken place without charges.
Check and test the gadget for attending class minutes before the class to make sure they are in excellent condition.
Everyone in the class must maintain a professional relationship.
Teachers and students must not share any personal information as this will call for a punishment/fine.
All classes are conducted on the LearnTime.org website, and we will not be accountable for any discussion outside our website.
For any teacher-student right breach, please contact support at info@learntime.com.bd , +880 1631-498053

Tuition fee policy :

Fees for the program is due once a month.
Classes start after the prices are paid for each period.
After the first fees, from the next period, fees reminder are sent to enable students to pay up without delay.
Classes are suspended if you do not pay the fee for the next period. And the level will be reinstated again after payments are received, and an agent will send a message to you.
NOTE: LearnTime.org has the right to make periodic increment to lesson fees without prior notice to you.

Use of Content :

All class notes and teaching and learning materials are copyright protected and must not be reused, published, or duplicated for commercial use without authorization.

Reach us :

Our helpline and emails are available 24/7. You can send a message or call us on all the available channels on our website for inquiries, help, questions, and comments.